We offer the best prices in the Madison area while providing the best customer service. We charge $170/hour per 2 men | $255/hour for 3 men | and $340/hour for 4 men.

We start charging from the time we leave our base until the time we get back. This is the most straight forward way to price a move. This way our customers get exactly what they pay for. There is no hidden fees or extra fuel costs and myself and our crew of smiling professionals always hustle and get the job done as quickly as possible. Fitness has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy making the moves into a workout. We also offer a discount to senior citizens, Police Officers, Firefighters, and first responders.

It’s very simple. I find out what they need help with and then I tell them about our service such as what we charge and what makes us different and from there I either set up a free in home consultation if it is a large project or if there is specialty items involved or typically we just set a date and time for the move.

My education is on the job training in the moving industry. I have worked for several moving companies that all do things differently and had their own strengths and weaknesses, which I learned from and formed my own ideas on how things should be done. I have taken part in well over 1,000 moves of every different kind. I know all of the ins and outs of the business including how to properly and safely pack a truck, how to secure specialty items such as gun safes, pianos, or glass, and how to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Over my 6 years in the business I feel that the most important aspects of providing a great moving service are excellent customer service, professionalism, and hard work/efficiency.

I started out moving just as a summer job over 10 years ago and just recently decided to start my own company and put forth a philosophy of core-values that I felt were missing from most companies in the moving industry. During the time when I was not working as a mover I was in the customer service industry.

We have worked with all types of customers ranging from College students moving a van load of furniture into their dorm, to well known business owners moving their 5 bedroom house across the country, to helping senior citizens pack their entire apartment and move from one retirement community to the other.

I am honestly fond of almost each and every move that we make. I love helping people and meeting new people and in this industry I am lucky enough to meet all sorts of different people from all across the world that all have their own story and unique background. I am grateful for and appreciate every customer that we have here at Big Dog Movers.

Do your research and contact a few different companies and pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. Hiring someone to come into your home and move your belongings is a very personal service and you should hire someone that is trustworthy, and careful with your things. That’s us. Exceptional customer service is hands down our main priority, and it is what we are known for here at Big Dog Movers.

Whether or not the company is insured is a big one, what size of truck are they bringing, and the biggest one from my previous work in the moving industry is extra equipment fees. Make sure to ask what is all included in the quoted price. And after that I would just do your research and look up your possible service provider on different platforms such as Facebook, or Yelp and see what insight past customers have shared about their experiences. And then from there I would just go with who you felt most comfortable with over the phone.